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What is the essential amino acid and two examples?
Two exampels of phospholipids?
Functions of hemoglobin?
Two exampels of phospholipids with functions?
Drives of ectoderm?
Define enzyme and isoenzyme?
What is the chaff Role?
Ribosome functions?
Structure of stratified epithelium?
Shape haypoblast cell?
What happens in spermiogenesis?

Series changes results in transformation of spermatids into spermatozoa
Enzyme prevent supercoiling ?
What is the function of hemoglobin? Write 4 answers ?
What is the commnest rigon for nerual tube closure ?
What is epimers and give 2 examples?
2 Missfolding disease?
In which glands the holocrin happene ?
Phospholipid examples with function?
Which amino acid is precursor for thyroid hormon? Tyrosine
The crown rump length is used from 4th week to 8th week of embryos?
define essential AA ، give two examples?
Function of proteins?
Define enzyme and Isoenzyme?
Prevent supercooling?
Areolar ( loose ) contain all connective tissues and fibers?
The normal number of chromosomes in female ?
2 derivatives endoderm?
2 derivatives ectoderm?
2 neural creat cella?
Diagnosis or investigation TS ? Karyotyping
Number of sex chromosome in turner syndrome ? One only
Number of normal sex chromosomes in a patient with turner syndrome?
What’s the type of blood vessels that carry blood away from the heart ?
Ans : Arteries
the transport that need energy and against the concertration gradient?
Blue Color and green , what does it mean from field visit?