Reply To: Youth and Elderly mid module exam #batch_35


Adolescent disorder:
impact of health issue on adilcent:
Pscologiy (poor self steem)
3-Actional, feasible stratiges to prevnt risk behavior
4-drug can smked,snorted,shewede(nicotin)
5-type of prevention with example
6-causes of physical inactivity
7-functional status
And type in elderly with example
8-psychological assessment more than 2 yes
9-test od sport (talk test)
10-case syphili (which type prevention)
11-motivatin+types+personal attribute
12-hierarchy of needs
With example
13-qustion form compliance
14- 4th global risk of mortality (inactivity physical)
15-deffrent between addiction an drug abuse and prymary goal of prevent