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Skull fracture is common in which bone

Answer.. Temporal bone

Mcq which one of the following is define as elevated solid area 5mm or less?

Answer papule

Mcq hematoma of the rectus sheath is due to damage to which blood vessel..?

Answer inferior epigastric vein

Mcq the the extravasation of urine to the thigh region is prevented by which attachment..?

Answer colles fascia to the ischiopubic rami…

Mcq pudendal nerve block needle is direct to which landmark…?

Answer ischial tuberositiy..




1- write the branch of pudendal nerve.


2- case of patient sweating while eating and have a facial surgery in the past

A- what is the most probable diagnosis.. Freys syndrome

B- which organ was involved in the surgery

C- anatomical bases of this condition


3- paracentesis write the structure that the cannula will bass through from the A-midline and B-flank


4-Classify immunosuppressive drugs and give example for each.


5- function of the skin.


6- mention at least 4 hormones secreted by the skin.


7- clinical features of katayama fever and the treatment.


8-write full prescription of newly diagnosed case of tuberculosis with the dose.

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