Reply To: THEORY + OSPE Final genetics #BATCH_35

Anas Alothaim

تجميع ثاني وموجود في المرفقات


1.     The most common cancers worldwide? -> Lung cancer

2.     The Goal of SCR? -> Supporting early detection and cancer screening programs

3.     The overall incidence of cancer in Saudi Arabia Is 71.7 per 100,000

4.     method to screen for breast cancer Mammography

5.     Hemorrhagic cystitis (dysuria, hematuria due to irritation of bladder mucosa) treated by Mesna.

6.     Case about Rheumatoid arthritis, which drug you will choose to treatment? Methotrexate

7.     Ectopic pregnancy /medical termination of pregnancy is treated by Methotrexate

8.     Treatment of methotrexate toxicity is prevented by using Folinic acid

9.     Which one is a Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators (SERMs)-> Tamoxifen

10.  Which one of these drugs cause Fatal pulmonary fibrosis-> Bleomycin

11.  Treatment of choice for Lung cancer(Small cell /Non small cell)-> Cisplatin+etoposide

12.  Auer rods are found in AML

13.  The most important prognostic factor is the Staging of a tumor

14.  Duke’s classification → colon cancer

15.  Which one of the following  has the least radiosensitive response-> pneumocytes

16.   Starry sky appearance -> Burkett’s lymphoma




–        Define Cachexia, and discuss its Mechanism

–        What is the Paraneoplastic syndrome? what is its Importance? enumerate 4 examples

–        Classification OF CNS Tumors

–        Classes of Astrocytic tumors, mention Four parameters essential for Grading system.

–        Discuss Philadelphia Chromosome & its role in pathogenesis, and management of CML

–        Discuss the following aspects of Hodgken’s lymphoma 1-types 2- etiology 3- morphology of the most common type