Reply To: MID Family Medicine #Batch_35


MCQs ..

1- pregnant woman who had not receive a rubella vaccine , when should she take it

2- contraindication of combined contraceptive pills

3- antenatal visits

4- when does the ultrasound should be performed in a case of fetal anomalies

5- I guess a question about the family medicine is concerned with patient centered or doctor centered or etc….

6- a husband and wife whom are a carriers of a disease , how much chance to get infected child

7- hepatitis B catch up

8- when should the family physician refer a patient

9- a question about the red flags of abdominal pain ( rebound tenderness )

10- a case of lung cancer patient who the physicians thought that he is going to die within  2 months .. what is the preferred drug to give him

11- I guess what is the preferred age to screen for dyslipidemia , 25 or 35 or 50 etc…

12- a question about the growth chart

13- the age of a child who can move objects from one hand to another and and can sit