Reply To: Final Family medicine #Batch..35



– child presented with houny crusted lesion on face , complication that could occur?

– farmer with skin lesion on hand and wrist , possible causative agent?

–  a man recently diagnosed with Chrinic allergic rhinitis , best possible medication to be started on?

– the usual first sign in patient with prostatic cancer ?

– an elderly patient is started on alpha-blocker , what is the most feared complication of this drug that could occur?

– a known diabetic patient who comes for regular follow up tells you his diabetes hasn’t been controlled the past few month , which test you would order to check for glycemic control?

– a patient who is known hypertensive and smoker , tests positive for HBsAg , what is in his history that makes him a candidate for CV risk assessment?

– a person who is going to travel comes to you for advice , what would you tell that the most common condition that occurs among travelers?

– a person who is going for Hajj , which vaccine he has to take before going to mecca?

– a mother comes with her child who has been experiencing ear pain and his mother notices some fluid from his ear on his pillow when he wakes up , the child went to swimming before the pain started, possible diagnosis?

– a  young women comes to your clinic tells you that her colleagues noticed that her face is becoming paralyzed, best possible diagnosis?

– a guy present to you clinic with fascial paralysis and vesicular eruption on the skin , possible diagnosis?

– a women diagnosed with 2 previous occasions with cystitis and treated successfully with cotrimoxazole , present with symptoms of cystitis again , best possible action? ( start her on cotromoxazole , urine culture and sensivity …)

– what would be the findings in iron deficiency anemia? ( hypochromic microcytic)

– (in his 50s) a hypertensive patient taking Calcium channel blocker and diuretic for his condition, physician wants to add another agent to control his condition , best agent to add ??

– a 20 year old comes to clinic whith chest pain and he has silent chest ? (Not sure)

– a patient preset with chest pain that is radiating to his back , possible diagnosis?

–  patient present with history of chronic diarrhea at fisrt it was of small volume and then of large volume watery diarrhea, what could be the problem?

– a child present with 1 day history of diarrhea and vomiting, how would you manage? ( not give anything, oral hydration as tolerated, iv hydration )

– a child ( i think 8 year old) having enuresis what test would you order?

– a child comes with joint pain and physician suspect septic arthritis, what lab results would be expected? ( norlam esr , elevated ,…)

– a woman who is having OA taking NSAIDs , the feared side effect of NSAIDs in Elderly is??