Reply To: Final Family medicine #Batch..35



1-child have an ear pain after swimming with pain during traction of the pinna (answer: otitis externa)

2-patient present with complain of headache, the headache is progressive {increasing} he describe it as he fell pressure inside his head , what is the best action to do (answer: most likely MRI head)

3- a case of Tension headache, what is the best treatment .

4- a case of Functional dyspepsia what could be the cause of the patient symptoms ? ( 1- GERD. 2- H.pylori. *3- no obvious cause ) answer is 3

5- case of facial parlysis of the left side of the face upper and lower,  what is the most likely diagnosis (answer: bell’s palsy)

6-patient with facial paralysis and vesicular rash on external ear what is your diagnosis ( ramsay hunt syndrome)

7- long term user of steroid come to your clinic with moon face appearance and buffalo hump which investigation should be done for him ? (level of cortisol)

8- based on  jnc 7 guidelines for hypertension which of the foloowing value is consider as prehypertensione ? (answer:135/85)

9- patient on diuretic and beta blockers for his hypertension what is the best 3rd agent to add (answer: ACE inhibitor. the rest of the option is either beta blockers or diruetic so you can’t add 2 medication of the same effect).

10- long case of diabetic patient who develop microalbuminuria which is the best management for him (answer: add ACE inhibitor)

11- patient with gastric bleeding what type of anemia he most likely have (answer: most likely normocytic normochromic anemia)