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<p style=”text-align: left;”>- Arterial Blood circulation of Kidney (Seq)</p>
– Plsama fraction (20%) mcq

– Anamolities of kideny and ureter

– filtration barrier?

– Describe sturecture component of renal filteration barrier

– Relations of Right Ureter

– Trigone of the bladder ( mesonephric duct)

– Mention two iones and there fuction?

– driange of the urinay bladder?mcq

– The fraction of blood that filtared by glomerulus …. 20%

– Role of kidney in acid base regulation

Exe H , NH4
Conserve bicarbonate

– Netheir secreted nor reabsorbed ? Mcq

–  most senstion part of urinary tract
– Different between collids and crystalloids

– Femoral artery iv > thrombosis

– Descibe Autoregulation

– CASES: develops acute renal failure with dark urine one week after a flu-like illness. A renal biopsy is likely to reveal:
*Crescentric GN*
يشبه اذا ما كان نفسه

– Renal artery from aorta in L2

– Discuss artery of the kidney

– Injury to sacrum segment will cause [ aotonic bladder ]

– Lipoid desease = minimal change desease والي يتغير فيه

Epithelial = podocyte

– When a person drink Alcohol:
High & concentrated urine

-Loop diuretics there is blook to [ na , k , cl2 ]

-Thiazide diuretics will cause > metabolic alkalosis

-سيناريو ب ال سي كيو عن ال
Pathogenesis + diagnosis or related desease
محاضره عاطف

-Causes of metabolic alkalosis? ( seq)

– Diluting segment > thick ALOH

– Filtration barriers SEQ
-Function of Auto regulation
-Define counter current and function

-Auto regulation of the kidney ? Seq

-Significance of major ions in the body ?

-Mechnism of kidney to maintain acid base balance (SEQ)

-Side Effects of thiazides – alkalosis

-Enumerate four development anomalities of the kidney

-ICF buffer : phosphate (mcq)

-4 Differences between colloids & crystalloids.

-Define anion gap and normal volume for it

-Factors affecting gfr

-Define GFR + Factor affecting

-Case of metabolic alkalosis

-counter current mechanism?

-Phosphate buffer (msq)