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1-ECG of MI

A- 2 change in the ECG.

B- calculate the heart rate.

C- most likely diagnosis.


2- picture of ABG result. (PH is acidic, CO2: 27, HCO3:12, Na: 135 , CL:99)

A- most likely acid base disturbance: metabolic acidosis.

B- what is the compensation? respiratory alkalosis.

C- calculate the anion gap: na-(CL+HCO3) ,   135-(99+12) = 24

D- 2 causes


3- X-ray of pleural effusion.

A- X-ray finding : obliteration of the costophrenic angle.

B- diagnosis: pleural effusion.

C- 2 specific investigation you would like to order.


4- pictures of buccal and hand pigmentation.

A- 1 clinical manifestation: pigmentation .

B- diagnosis: primary adrenal insufficiency.

C- mention the diagnostic test (only one).


5- peripheral blood smear slide.

A- what is the abnormal finding : presence of Reed Sternberg cell.

B- diagnosis: hodgkin lymphoma.

C- 3 symptom indicates poor prognosis.


6- two pictures, ascites and jaundice.

A- mention the 2 sign in the pictures.

B- mention 3 sign other than above.

C-what could be the cause.


7- video of man with shuffling gait and bradykinesia…. etc (parkinsonian feature)

A-  3 manifestation, any manifestation not only those present in the video.

B- 3 DDX

C- write the pathogenesis in 2 line.


8- dactylitis and skin rash of psoriasis , hand X-ray.

A- what is the feature in the first picture: dactylitis.

B- X-ray finding: pencil in cup.

C- 1 extra articular manifestation.

D- diagnosis: psoriatic arthritis