Reply To: Final medicine 1 batch 35



1- respiratory examination
you will be ask to give 3 causes of dull percussion.

2- GIT examination
you will be ask to give 3 causes of hepatomegaly


3- trigeminal examination and upper limb reflexes


4- history taking, abdominal pain and bloody diarrhea for 9 months with B symptoms.

give 2 dx ( colon cancer and ulcerative)
two investigation ( colonoscopy and biopsy)


5- history taking, exacerbated asthma case,  not responding to the regular medication (what exacerbate asthma ask about all of them: dust, animal, smoking including second hand smoking , cold weather, infection….etc)

what is your diagnosis .

6- history taking , central chest pain for one day.

what is your diagnosis.

how will you confirm it?



7- history taking, women with thyroid gland enlargement , weight loss and tremor.

what is the diagnosis: grave disease.

what are the ophthalmological feature.



8- cardiovascular examination

they will ask you about valve abnormalities and their murmur.

how to differentiate between some of the types clinically.

where will you auscultate for aortic regurgitation.

aortic stenosis vs aortic sclerosis clinically.

and many other question about the valves so study them well.



be confident.

all the best for you