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    1- case about a patient who had fracture in the chest with paradoxical movement , what is the best initial management

    2- I guess a case about the Guillain-Barre syndrome ( findings )

    3- the primary goal of emergency medicine

    4- the 5 steps schedules to identify different rhythms are very important especially the rate , the presence and absence of p wave and the width of QRS complexes ( most likely diagnosis )

    5-  the type of injury that need an immediate transportation to a trauma center

    6- I think case about placenta abruption and asking about the management

    7- pregnancy complications of DIC


    MCQs ..

    1- pregnant woman who had not receive a rubella vaccine , when should she take it

    2- contraindication of combined contraceptive pills

    3- antenatal visits

    4- when does the ultrasound should be performed in a case of fetal anomalies

    5- I guess a question about the family medicine is concerned with patient centered or doctor centered or etc….

    6- a husband and wife whom are a carriers of a disease , how much chance to get infected child

    7- hepatitis B catch up

    8- when should the family physician refer a patient

    9- a question about the red flags of abdominal pain ( rebound tenderness )

    10- a case of lung cancer patient who the physicians thought that he is going to die within  2 months .. what is the preferred drug to give him

    11- I guess what is the preferred age to screen for dyslipidemia , 25 or 35 or 50 etc…

    12- a question about the growth chart

    13- the age of a child who can move objects from one hand to another and and can sit


    1- which of the following is a factor associated with risky behavior in individual  


    2- which of the following is a type of motivation associated with learned needs , dives and goals


    3- ( not sure ) which of the following is a disorder which associated in adolescence


    4- question about hierarchy of needs ( growth needs and defiecincy needs )


    5- which of the following is a problem which occur in elderly due to aging process



    MCQs :

    – calculate the crude death rate with the given numbers

    – calculate sensitivity

    – Hepatitis A transmission

    – indirect association


    Seq :

    1- 4 drugs used in ACLS with their rationale of use

    2- mechanism of action of enalapril

    3- mechanism of cough due to enalapril

    4- questions about omeprazole


    MCQs :

    1- Electronic Health Record definition

    2- Primary health care

    3- the first step in Implementing an EMR in a healthcare facility

    4-the long form of HIT

    SEQ :

    define standards and enlist Various HIT Standards